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Testing and validation

Testing and validation

During the development of your product, it is likely that some level of testing and validation will be necessary. Whether it’s to simply check that the product meets your specification, or to ensure that the product will conform to a specific standard or regulation, our experienced development team can take care of this process for you and will keep you informed every step of the way.

Product testing & validation

Physical Testing & Evaluation

Depending on the level of testing required during the development of your product, we may use prototypes to perform physical testing and evaluation to validate the both the design and material selection for the parts that make up your product.

Product stress test results

External Test Houses

Where your product must conform to certain regulatory standards and directives, we will often work with external test houses to ensure that the solution we provide meets your specification and is able to obtain the necessary approvals, certifications and markings that are required.

Product testing results

Virtual Testing & Evaluation

In some scenarios, virtual testing can be performed to validate your product. Finite Element Analysis (FEA) is a digital process that enables your parts and assemblies to be loaded and tested in a virtual environment, providing valuable information on part strength and how the parts may react in the real world.

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