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Manufacturing, finishing and assembly

Manufacturing, finishing and assembly

Our finishing department can print, assemble, weld, glue, pack and collate your products and provide all the services you need to deliver a finished product to your clients. Just let us know what you need and when you need it and we take care of everything else.

Product assembly

Product Assembly

We provide in-line assembly for your product so that you and your customers don’t have to do anything, just receive the finished product.

Electrical component - product assembly

Manufacture and sourcing of other components

Within your product assembly, it’s likely that there are other elements in addition to plastic parts. For example, bespoke metal parts, electronic components, or off-the-shelf parts. You may want to supply us with these for us to assemble, that’s fine, or alternatively, we can source these parts on your behalf, taking the responsibility and margin for error out of the equation. We simply deliver the finished product to fit your exact specification.

Havaianas bus

Printing and product decoration

As part of your production, you may require secondary, post moulding, operations such as printing and labelling. There are many different technologies and methods available, both manual and automated depending on your specific application and production volume. We can advise on the best solution for your product and incorporate it into your assembly.

Product assembly instructions

Documentation and product literature

If you have assembly guides or instruction manuals that need to be included with your product, let us know. Whether you need documents creating from scratch or can supply the literature for inclusion in the packaging process, we can deliver whatever works best for you, one less thing for you to worry about.

Product measuring & testing

Quality Control

We have a dedicated, temperature controlled quality room with CMM facilities where we inspect your parts for compliance prior to sample approvals and for ongoing production. We follow strict quality procedures to ensure that your parts and assemblies are up to standard and within your specification.

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