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Manufacturing, finishing and assembly

Manufacturing, finishing and assembly

At Agentdraw, our advanced manufacturing capabilities extend beyond just injection moulding. We offer comprehensive services including printing, assembly, welding, gluing, packing, and collating to ensure your products are delivered completely finished to your clients. Tell us your requirements and deadlines, and we handle the rest, ensuring a seamless delivery process.

Product assembly

Efficient Product Assembly

Our in-line product assembly services streamline the final production stage, allowing you to deliver fully assembled products directly to your customers. This service removes the need for any additional handling on your part, ensuring that your products are market-ready upon delivery.

Electrical component - product assembly

Manufacture and sourcing of other components

Within your product assembly, it’s likely that there are other elements in addition to plastic parts. For example, bespoke metal parts, electronic components, or off-the-shelf parts. You may want to supply us with these for us to assemble, that’s fine, or alternatively, we can source these parts on your behalf, taking the responsibility and margin for error out of the equation. We simply deliver the finished product to fit your exact specification.

Havaianas bus

Printing & product decoration

Post-moulding enhancements such as printing and labelling are crucial for brand recognition and product information. Agentdraw utilises a range of technologies, from manual to automated systems, tailored to fit your production volume and specific needs. Our experts advise on the best decoration methods to enhance your product’s appeal effectively.

Product assembly instructions

Documentation & product literature

From product assembly guides to instruction manuals, our team can create and incorporate all necessary documentation to complement your product. Whether starting from scratch or integrating supplied literature, we ensure that all documentation is clear, professional, and packaged with your product, providing a hassle-free experience for you.

Product measuring & testing

Quality Control

Our dedicated quality control department features temperature-controlled rooms and Coordinate Measuring Machine (CMM) facilities. Every part we produce is rigorously inspected for compliance before approval and during ongoing production. We adhere to stringent quality procedures to ensure all parts and assemblies meet your specifications and our high standards.

Ready to streamline your production process with our expert manufacturing, finishing, and product assembly services? Contact Agentdraw today to discuss how we can help bring your product to market seamlessly.

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