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Injection moulding

Injection moulding

Injection moulding is a cost-effective manufacturing method that delivers high-quality plastic parts efficiently. Whether you need 100 or 10 million parts, Agentdraw offers the best and most efficient solutions, incorporating automation to enhance production.

ENGEL injection moulding machine

Experience & Knowledge in Injection Moulding

With extensive experience and specialised knowledge in injection moulding, Agentdraw provides reliable, first-class manufacturing solutions customised to your specific requirements. Having produced millions of parts, we are adept at overcoming virtually every injection moulding challenge.

Plastic moulded screws

From Concept to Production

At Agentdraw, we excel in transforming concepts into market-ready products through our integrated design, prototyping, tooling, and manufacturing services. Our process begins with advanced prototyping techniques such as Stereolithography (SLA) and CNC Machining, allowing us to refine designs and validate functionality early on. We leverage our in-house tooling capabilities in the UK and China to create precision tools, ensuring every part meets rigorous quality standards. Our end-to-end service is complemented by our expertise in final assembly and quality control, delivering products that are not only innovative but also consistently exceed industry standards.

Injection moulded part

Advanced Automation in Manufacturing

We will use the latest technologies in the manufacture of your products, including robotics and automation to transfer parts, monitor quality and ensure repeatability. The equipment and technology used in both our UK and China manufacturing centres are compatible, enabling your production to be moved seamlessly between both centres if required. In some cases, we can duplicate your tooling in the UK and China, allowing us to supply your product globally from both centres.

Arburg injection moulding machine

Material Expertise for Optimal Product Performance

The diversity of plastics available today is vast. Our product development department and manufacturing experts possess extensive material knowledge, enabling us to guide you in selecting the most suitable material for your product’s specific requirements and applications.

Injection moulded part

Serving Diverse Industries

Agentdraw provides reliable and competitively priced manufacturing services to clients across various sectors, including consumer goods, retail, industrial, automotive, and healthcare. We have the capability and resources to deliver world-class solutions tailored to your needs.

Ready to elevate your production with precision injection moulding? Contact Agentdraw today to start your project!

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