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Agentdraw keeping the quality a priority –Achieves again ISO 9001 :2015

After a review and implementation of higher quality standards in our manufacturing procedures and the appointment of new assessors to improve our already exemplary quality and delivery. Again achieving ISO 9001 : 2015 highlights the importance that Agentdraw places on quality.

Darren Parsons MD. said “It is important for our clients to know that they are dealing with a company that places a high priority on the quality and specification of their parts. As we move forward and encourage new clients to come on board, we want them to know it is not just about price; it is also about maintaining a standard of service and quality second to none, in the Injection moulding arena.”

Agentdraw is open for new business, and exciting times are ahead.

Certificate of Approval 16-08-21

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