Injection Moulding

Injection moulding is a manufacturing method which provides the low cost and efficient manufacture of parts. Supplying a wide range of industries from medical and automotive to electronics and retail products, we provide our clients with a first class, reliable and highly competitive manufacturing service. Reducing risk for our clients through our seamless integrated services delivers additional benefits such as reduced lead time and enhanced quality of manufactured parts and assemblies.

Experience & Knowledge

Our experience and knowledge in the field of injection moulding enables us to deliver the most efficient method of manufacturing. No matter if your requirement is 100 or 10 million components or assemblies we will provide the best and most efficient solution including automation where necessary.


We use the latest technologies in our production including robotics and automation to produce parts, monitor quality and ensure repeatability. The equipment and technology in both manufacturing centres are compatible to enable production to be moved seamlessly if required. In some cases we have duplicate tooling in the UK and China and supply globally from both centres.

Material Expertise

The extensive material knowledge of our product development department and our manufacturing experts within our team enable us to guide our clients to the best material choice for their specific applications.

Finishing & Assembly

Our finishing department can print, assemble, weld, glue, pack and collate your products and provide all the services you need to deliver a finished product to your clients. Just let us know what you need and when you need it and we take care of everything else.

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