Product Design

Our design team are first class innovators who provide our clients with the support they need to deliver their products to the marketplace. No matter if you need a blue-sky solution, the engineering of an existing concept or some modifications to a historical product, our team deliver an outstanding professional service from beginning to end.

Delivering Innovative Solutions

We have a philosophy of "forward at every step" and we take the time to ensure we understand all of our client's challenges right from the beginning. We only present solutions that can be delivered on time or on budget which speeds up the time to bring our unique and innovative client solutions to market.

Concept Generation

Our concept generation and presentations are of the highest standard competing with the best design agencies in the world. Our clients regularly use this service to pre-sell their products or to gain feedback from their clients before moving forward, ensuring together we deliver the best solution to the marketplace.

Engineering Development

Our concepts are all backed up with the engineering skills and technology to seamlessly take ideas into mass production. As we control every part of the process our clients enjoy the benefits of a supplier who can take responsibility for the entire project and deliver a final product within budget and on time.

Finite Element Analysis (FEA)

Finite Element Analysis (FEA) is a digital process that enables parts and assemblies to be loaded and tested in a virtual environment, providing valuable information on part strength and how the parts may react in the real world.


Prototyping is extremely important in the development of any new product. The value of having parts to test and evaluate prior to production is immense. Our clients understand that it is possible to gain important information from a physical prototype in a way that the digital data cannot deliver.

Selecting The Most Appropriate Method

We provide our clients with a range of prototyping options and costs depending on their specific needs. No two projects are the same, nor do they require the same learning. We take the time to ensure the correct method of prototyping is chosen to ensure the project moves forward at every step.

Project Planning

Our departments all work together via a live, online project plan. This project plan is available to our client's 24/7 which allows them to monitor progress in an easily accessible and transparent way.

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